My Sensational Day Project!

The ability to smell is an amazing gift that we often take for granted. Smell affects our taste, emotion, reactions, our mood, memories, and sure much more! Today, I took some time to appreciate every sent and to notice its effect on me.

I keep lavender by my bed, not only for relaxation but also because I use it for everything! I have always loved lavender flowers, so what better smell to sleep with and to wake with (that is if you like lavender).  For me, the smells of Lavender bring back childhood memories of my grandmother and clean dresser doers. Don’t knock it till you try it, what does Lavender smell remind you of? Maybe it is calming and relaxing with good memories like it is for me, or maybe you don’t like the smell at all and it makes you think of the medicine cabinet and chocking down fish oil as a kid. The smells, emotions, memories, sensations, that essential oils bring are unique to each person…we can smell the same oil and be affected very differently by them!

Next, I took an early morning walk/ sprint. There are SO many wonderful (and not so wonderful) smells that accompany an early morning expedition. But the one I will mention is the mouthwatering aroma of ripening grapes. If you live in an area that grown grapes by the masses, it is easy to take this smell for granted, but I am sure if I ever leave I will indeed miss the brain stimulation, saliva-inducing, heart skipping, smell of fresh grapes. This smell brings back only fold memories; thoughts of my carefree childhood and many an expedition picking and processing grapes with friends and family. Smells can be a gift from the past to the present.

Coffee! Ahhhh I just love a cup of coffee to start the morning, yup, I am one of THEM. You either you hate me or love me 😉 coffee either connects us or gives you a headache and puts the morning between us! For me, the smell of coffee is strongly correlated with good work ethic, early mornings, fellowship, and many late nights. Once again, coffee is another smell that brings a smile to my face.

I love the smell of fresh cut hay! Our barn happens to be filling up for the winter with it, so when I went to feed the animals I took in this wonderful seasonal smells. I don’t know what it is about fresh cut grass, but I really like how that smells too. It smells productive and life-giving!

So this is a little odd, but I do a lot of sitting at my desk (writing paper) and often when I am thinking I lean my nose on my hand. I obviously can’t help but smell my hands since my proboscis is resting on one! Have you ever stopped to smell your hands (not after sticking them in something gross)? Hands tell you a wealth of information! It often causes an entire train of distracting thoughts to flow through my head, but it’s good timing since I can’t get much typing done with one hand anyway!

As the day closes, there are the smells of dinner. My great grandmother ones said “if you don’t have anything cooking and everyone is asking when dinner will be ready, just chop onions and throw them in a pan to cook with butter…the smell will buy you some time, since everyone will think dinner is cooking and will be done soon! The smell of dinner connects us to our roots; this may be pleasant and happy or sad and heartbreaking. Open yourself to joy and healing through smelling the past, present, and future. I challenge you to have a Sensational Day  and write all about what adventures each smell takes you on!

P.S I took this picture on one of my morning walks:)